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Seated at the Writers Table

The podcast for those who geek out over writing

Phil Giangrande interviews Producer/Writer/Actress Nicole Feenstra and Director Scott Rodgers of the series, Broken Hearts Division  on their collaboration and adventures in writing and working together as Writer/Creator and Director.  They discuss the trajectory of the scripts through their development process from shooting the pilot to shooting Season 1 a year later. 

other50 square.jpg

The Other 50%

The podcast that talks to successful women and shares their stories.

Julie Walker Harris interviews Nicole Feenstra about producing, writing and starring in her show, Broken Hearts Division. They also discuss how her work in advertising and sales helped her crowdfund for the budget for the show. They discuss the role of women in entertainment, great ideas for the pitch room and how to support other women in the 'biz.'

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Stand Out Radio

Leanne Mulchay interviews Nicole about what it means to live life on her terms, how she came back from challenges and setbacks to produce her own show and what it means to 'find your voice' as a female in the entertainment industry. 

our deepest secrets revealed.jpg

Our Deepest Secrets Revealed

Sarah Findlay interviews Nicole about her show, Broken Hearts Division. They also discuss what defines a love crime, whether love is black and white and the inspiration behind the show. Nicole also shares one juicy bad date story.